Friday, February 3, 2017

Valentine's Day is Coming

If you are seeing spots now, wait until you see everything else.
It's definately not to early to be thinking about your Valentine and I don't care what they say on the radio and TV commercials. There are a lot more ways to your valentine's heart than roses or chocolate covered strawberries. Don't believe me? Just stop by Gallery 54 and see if you can convince yourself that the many interesting, beautiful and unique items we have won't do the trick. Then just remember how long those roses or strawberries will last. Your valentine will be remembering how you remembered, not just for a few days, but for weeks, months and even years.
Go ahead take a look. I dare you. Oh, and don't forget the gallery's first ever Midwinter Sales is still going on. How lucky are you?
Valentine jewelry like you've never dreamed!
Even a mosaic for her heart
Visit the Lake Room for stained glass
There is sure to be
something to warm his or
her heart.

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