Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Mysterious Art of Etching

The 2016 edition of the Skaneateles Winter Fest here, Saturday, January 30, just became a lot more interesting. Noted Central New York artist, Elizabeth Andrews has agreed to demonstrate the 500 year old art print making known as “etching” during a demonstration titled, “The Mysterious Art of Etching” at Gallery 54, 54 E. Genesee St., from 12 to 3 pm.

Andrews began etching because she “...loved its detail and sometimes serendipitous nature.” She's found that “people are genuinely interested and curious about the art” through which she gets to interpret life “and make up stories!”

It's special,” she continues, “because it is all created in my imagination. I write stories and poems and illuminate them.” Many pieces of her work are illustrations of her writing. “Sometimes,” she notes even “stories I haven't written yet.”

Andrews has been the printmaker for the Edward Gorey Museum in Yarmouth Port, Cape Cod, MA for two years. Edward Gorey left hundreds of etching plates and collographs with complete editions and unfinished editions yet to print. Because she is also a technical printer she is able to interpret Gorey's work and print the plates with his original vision and intent.
Linden Moon etching

As an avid book reader, “the old fashioned paper kind,” she says, she creates images on paper that look like they have been torn from old books . . . a practice she hastens to note she would never encourage.

Andrews adds that “The etching of metal plates enables me to make multiple prints that are all originals. The etched plate is truly a labor of love and a medium that provides the texture and mysterious complement to my poems, personal anecdotes and creative musing.”

Her work is exhibited regularly at Gallery 54 as well as at numerous other galleries around New York State.

Gallery 54 is an upscale venue for Central New York artists that showcases and sells unique, inspired, and timeless art in a diversity of mediums.