Wednesday, October 17, 2012

November First Friday

Join us for our November First Friday Event:
Vessels and Vestiges”
Featuring Vestigial Jewelry by Donna Smith
And Vessels by Sally Thompson

    Friday, November 2, 6-9pm          
Chris Molloy will provide live music on his electric blue harp. 
Complimentary refreshments will be served.   

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Watching the Artists: Our First Friday Event

First Friday happens at Gallery 54 each month from April to December. Each First Friday brings a new featured artists’ work. October features Terry Askey Cole, one of our ceramic artists. The front of the gallery has a wonderful intimate area where the featured work is displayed. Shelves hold the precious objects and all the owners help to keep this space arranged to give our customers a feast for their eyes.  Every member has the opportunity to present his or her art in this way. April is a group self portrait show and December the annual holiday exhibit. The other months are shared between the 14 members. This brings up the whole concept of an artist owned gallery. All of the members have a hand in keeping our gallery working smoothly. First Fridays bring in food, wine and cooperation as the evening progresses. The flag goes out every month, one brings in the balloons, one the table as another brings out the table cloths and another makes the wine table ready. It’s a festive time for all as we gather to support and celebrate each other in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lunch with Lisa Noviasky

Tiny birds carved into found twigs.
"Everyday is a different medium".  This quote from Lisa perhaps most defines her artistic life.  While she is known for her oil paintings and sees oils as her primary and most comfortable medium, Lisa loves to experiment with new techniques and materials.  I recently had lunch with her, and saw some of her new creations.  Lisa has been experimenting with carving wood and building furniture and other items from found objects.  These are some of the products of her work!

One of the chairs Lisa and her husband John built from found wood.
Lisa has always been creative, but began to paint seriously about 6 years ago after taking classes at the Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute.  Lisa loves to do plein air work and has competed in several plein air competitions.  "Plein air" means to paint a scene outdoors in the open air, on location.  Lisa's plein air paintings are usually completed in one sitting and have a lovely, spontaneous quality.  For her outdoor work, she prefers water soluble oil paints because they clean up without solvents.  She also uses traditional oils when working in her studio and occasionally acrylics.  Lisa has a new studio space in a converted warehouse in Syracuse.  She hopes to transition into the new space as the weather cools and she is less able to paint outdoors.
Lisa Noviasky
What is most important to Lisa is not the painting of a literal image, but its impact on the viewer.  Lisa aims to evoke emotion with her paintings, whether they are recognizable images, or abstract.  She recently had a customer state that she "wished she could just fall right into the painting".  For Lisa this is a great compliment.  Lisa's paintings can be found at Gallery 54.  She has several new pieces available.  Come by and have a look!
One of  Lisa's recent oils paintings.