Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Musings of an Artist

It came to my mind the other day as I drove to Skaneateles for a day at Gallery 54, that we artists/owners of this gallery are among the fortunate. We spend time surrounded by beautiful jewelry, visually stimulating textiles and fiber art, fantastic pottery and paintings, each unique and spectacular in their own way. We sit with toys, birdhouses, colorful to die for glass garden art and a huge assortment of art and fine craft. It occurred to me that these are the things that enhance our loves and our homes, give joy to the spirit and add a measure of delight to our friends as we give a gift.  Above all art brings beauty to our world; without such beauty our days would be bleak and dreary. There is always the need for brightness, joy, beauty, pleasure and delight.
Yes…… we owners of Gallery 54 are indeed fortunate for the opportunity to visit with this art on a regular basis. And yes……….. on occasion, purchase something to take home for a continuation of the love affair.
This weekend is the Skaneateles Winterfest featuring ice sculpture, chilli and cider, and many activities in town.  Sharon Bottle Souva will be demonstrating her fiber collage techniques on Saturday from 12-3.  We hope to see you there!