Monday, May 9, 2016

CNY Photo Expo's a hit

Autumn Mist by Claudia Schellenberg
Initial reports indicate that the opening of Gallery 54's CNY Photo Expo this past Friday (May 6) evening, went a long way to making the day the gallery's best day of 2016 to date. But, it's more than sales numbers that are worth noting.

The traffic created by the exhibition of so many fine CNY photographers has been equally impressive. In the few days since the show opened, it would be hard not to notice how many people are stopped in their tracks by the impressive collection.
Trumpeter Swan by Charles Letterman
Blue Sunrise by Sherry Dans

Sixteen photographers had images selected for the show. The variety of striking images range from nearby Otisco Lake to Oswego Harbor to Mono Lake in California and even Iceland with an obvious collection in between that covers the gamut not only geographically, but also includes subject matter including wildlife, fireworks, state parks, and the four seasons.

If you haven't taken in the show yet, there's still time. As images sell, they are being replaced and the collection will be front and center through-out the rest of the month of May.

On the left three stars of the show . . . just to give you a taste of what to expect.