Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Artist Demonstrations

At Gallery 54 we have begun a series of artist demonstrations to welcome spring.  During March we welcomed Judy Witkin and Candace Rhea to demonstrate their techniques.

Clock by David Golman
Here is a picture of Candace working on her
wonderful sculpted polar bears in the sunny lake room at the back of the gallery.

During April we will be featuring the work of Wayne Schapp and David Goldman. Wayne Schapp creates one of a kind heritage boxes from aged and weathered pieces of wood and gnarly root systems. Schapp's inspiration is from the wood itself and from his desire to create pieces that are both beautiful and unique.

On Saturday April 12th from 12-3 pm David Goldman will be demonstrating his methods for repurposing, designing, and assembling his pieces. David creates clocks and tape dispensers from vintage and extinct mechanical machines. His pieces are Daliesque and functional.

Box by Wayne Schapp

On Saturday April 5th from 12-3 pm Connie Smith will be demonstrating painting on turkey feathers. Smith paints realistic images of wild animals on turkey tail feathers. Her paintings are extremely detailed and colorful. Gallery 54 carries a full range of her pieces including images of deer, salmon, wolves, bear, loons, and cardinals.

Painted loons on feather by Connie Smith
Welcome Spring!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Beautiful Quilt Panels

Sharon Bottle-Souva is widely recognized for her beautiful art quilts.  Many are natural scenes, some are abstract, and all are rich in color and imagery.  These two panels are part of a series of smaller pieces Sharon has at the gallery, great for gift-giving and also gorgeous in multiples.  We are lucky to have her as part of our Gallery!
"Mountain Grasses" and "Canopy" by Sharon Bottle-Souva

New Artist Marie LoParco

We are pleased to share with you the addition of mixed media painting by Marie LoParco to the collection at Gallery 54.  Marie incorporates mythology, folk art, and sacred art from many cultures into her layered pieces.  She uses winged creatures and birds paired with female figures to symbolize the "connection between heaven and earth, people and nature." 
These are just two examples of the original pieces by Marie that we have in the Gallery.  In addition to originals we have framed prints and cards of of her beautiful images. These colorful, playful works are best seen in person, and we would love for you to stop in for a visit!