Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Traversing Impermanence: Explorations in Fabric and Metal

Join us for our July First Friday event:
"Traversing Impermanence"
featuring fabric art by Sharon Bottle-Souva and
metalwork jewelry by Dana Blythe Stenson.
Friday July 5 from 5 to 9 PM
Meet the artists and enjoy live music and refreshments! 

The title "Traversing Impermanence" emerged from a conversation between Sharon and myself (Dana) over lunch.  While at first it may seem abstract, it encompasses many of the material and philosophical explorations we both have taken on in our work, and for that matter, in our lives.  From the online dictionary:

traverse: v. to travel or pass across, over or through
impermanence: n. the quality or state of being impermanent

Many artists explore these ideas in their art.  For some of us, myself included, art is a way of creating something permanent and lasting, an expression of ourselves and our time, perhaps an heirloom to ourlast our mortal lives.  Metal is my chosen medium; I love it's permanence, the potential for my metalwork to be cherished long after I have faded away.  Fabric is also durable, but at the same time soft, and moveable.  It accepts dye, and can be made, changed, and remade, while taking on the creativity of the artist. Sharon's quilts beautifully demonstrate the endless possibilities of color, texture, and expression that fabric can take on.  Exploring themes of life, journeys, metamorphosis, and rebirth, our work contiues to evolve.  Join us next Friday!

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Land of Misfit Paintings

"There is a television show that airs during Christmas that refers to the "land of the misfit toys". Last weekend we went to our camp in Vermont and it occurred to me that our camp is the home of the misfit paintings. Hanging are paintings of mine that didn't meet my critical eye but still the process and finished piece was of value and even delight to me. One such painting is a watercolor named, "Time to Say Goodbye". It was done from a photograph I took on our only trip to Italy of three tenors singing to a group of us. The song depicted was of the Andrea Bocelli song, "Time to Say Goodbye". It was a beautiful evening and their voices and the music penetrated all our hearts and there was not a dry eye in the room. So, although the painting does not meet my high technical standards when I see it again I am brought back to that magical evening and am so glad I am surrounded by my misfit pieces."

Art brings joy,
Kathy Schneider

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Show Weekend!!

Several of our artists participated in fine art and craft shows this weekend.  Our shows are always listed on the Gallery 54 website.  We hope some of you were able to get our and enjoy yourselves!  Terry Askey-Cole, Lauren Ritchie, Candace Rhea, and Lisa Noviasky all participated in the Westcott Art Trail.  The Art Trail is a tradition in the Syracuse University Neighborhood in which artists set up at multiple locations and homes in the neighborhood.  The quality of work is fantastic and the gardens are worth the trip as well! 
Ceramic face for your garden by Terry Askey-Cole

Terry seated on a fabulous twig chair made by Lisa Noviasky and her husband John