Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

So here it is Saturday December 24th.
Anticipation is high
Expecting shoppers and visitors to Gallery 54.
We are still amazed at how many new faces we see stopping in;
This being their first visit to Skaneateles.
The beauty of the day has a dusting of snow that we all
(well maybe not everyone) have been waiting for.
It is Christmas Eve after all.
We were visited today by the queen and the duchess.
These regal women stopped by to purchase a few last minute items to put under the tree.
Later on in the day Charles Dickens himself was here.
Funny how they fit in with the modern day shoppers.
Across the street the Temperance Ladies were gathered
Signs telling all who passed by of the evils of drinking.
What fun to be a part of Skaneateles on Christmas Eve.