Thursday, January 31, 2013

February Artist Demonstrations

Artist Demonstrations from 12-3 on Saturdays. Meet the artist and learn about their process!

Saturday, February 2: Joanne Balfour Joanne will be demonstrating Theorem Painting and 19th century School Girl Art techniques. Joanne is an award winning theorem painter and will demonstrate the steps of these historical painting traditions.

Saturday February 9: Karen Pardee Karen will be demonstrating Saori weaving techniques. Saori is a Japanese free style method of weaving. Karen will be bringing her portable floor loom and visitors to the gallery will have an opportunity to participate in weaving a banner.

Saturday February 16: Connie Smith Connie will demonstrate her turkey feather painting techniques. Connie's demonstration will include preparation of the feathers, paint mediums, brushes, and finished pieces.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


New work in progress by Lisa Noviasky!

As artists it is not in our nature to stay with the comfortable. We strive to feel the fire of new creative energy. The question “I wonder what would happen if _ _ _ _” occurs to us constantly and then we are off…… trying new glazes or a new shaped vessel. We work with alternative metals, stones and glass to construct jewelry that is different from last week’s “A-Ha” moment. Different grained woods and fabric choices give life to functional pieces. Some are moving from one medium to another, one shape or size while exploring the limits of painting. This all makes for adventurous days in the studio. As they say “The joy is in the journey”.
The best part is that we offer all of this to you, our customers and patrons. Every time you come in to Gallery 54 expect something new, something different.  Expect change.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Skaneateles Winterfest

Happy New Year from Gallery 54!

Things may seem quiet in Central New York, but things are still hopping at Gallery 54 as the artists create new work for this wonderful New Year.  There are events on the horizon as the town of Skaneateles prepares for its annual Winterfest.  This year Winterfest will be on Saturday and Sunday, January 25 & 26.  There are activities for all ages in the village including a Polar Bear contest, scavenger hunt, ice sculpture, and the Taste of Skaneateles.  Many businesses will be hosting tastings by area restaurants.  Stop by and be surprised by what we have for you to sample.  For more information, visit the Skaneateles Chamber of Commerce website, or check out the Skaneateles Winterfest Facebook page.

Add a warm glow to your home with a gorgeous carved lantern by Lauren Ritchie!