Monday, August 28, 2017

Shannon Crandall's Mixed Media Featured

Twenty years ago, Shannon Crandall began experimenting with acrylic and collage. She loved the intuitive nature of the art. Today she lets the various elements reveal themselves as she creates many layers of acrylic paint and collage.

Examples of the results of her two decades of experimentation will be on display at Gallery 54 in Skaneateles, NY beginning with the September 1 opening reception for her month-long show as the gallery's guest artist. The reception will be open from 5 to 8 pm.

Shannon describes her art as mixed media featuring many layers of vibrant color and whimsical themes. As the September guest artist she will concentrate on the use of paper and “up-cycled materials.” “I think the whimsical nature of my work, combined with the layers of paper and paint makes it uniques,” she said recently. When asked if she had any mentors, Shannon listed Flora Bowley, Grandma Moses, and Gustav Klint.

She enjoys solving the creative problem in front of her as she begins a piece. She then allows the balance and flow that results in the finished piece be her reward.

Shannon's reception will be accompanied by the guitar music of Jane Zell. Wine and light refreshments will be served from 5 to 8 pm. Gallery 54 is an upscale venue for Central New York artists that showcases and sells unique, inspired, and timeless art in a diversity of mediums. This show opening will also feature the blue harp music of Chris Molloy along with wine and light refreshments.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Puff the magic dragon . . .

Take a look at one of the newest stained glass pieces created by Liz & Rich Micho from our gallery.

Brings back lots of memories for many of us. The window is 4-feet in diameter, customed designed and created for customer in Camillus, NY.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Emotive Faces and Form – Safran Photography

Large, bold images in color and form – using dancers, models and flowers - are featured as Syracuse studio photographer, Marc Safran, is center stage at Gallery 54 for the month of August. 

Those intrigued by modern dance and art will appreciate Safran's selections from his work with professional models, performers and floral subjects. Employing a variety of innovative techniques in the studio and in processing, Safran’s images work to bring out color and emotion in his various subjects. For the past decade Safran has been recruiting talent to his downtown studio from clientele including: actors at Syracuse Stage and Redhouse; dancers from Garth Fagan, Paul Taylor, Diavolo and FuturPointe; and many area modeling and fashion companies.

Marc had his first darkroom in New York City when he was only 14 years old. He says, “I've always been attracted to the visual” and this lead to a lifelong relationship with the arts and the Syracuse photographic community. His images have received multiple medals in graphics publications, been awarded prizes by Aer Lingus, are the cover for the current 2017 Peace Corps calendar, were posters for “Let’s Dance” International festival in England and have been featured in many local publications. His online portfolios are viewable at or marcsafranphotography (IG/FB).

It is notable that Safran also serves as an ophthalmologist in Liverpool, NY. “Ophthalmology and photography are both ultimately pursuits of the visual” says Safran. His interest in volunteering both his photographic talent and medical skills have lead him to volunteered for surgical eye missions in Bolivia, India, Ecuador and Vietnam. “The trips are gratifying,” he says, “allowing services to the unfortunate while experiencing a foreign culture.”

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Open Dream debuts at Gallery 54 July 7

Laura Leigh Lanchantin from Tannersville, NY, takes the primary patterns and shapes found in nature and bends them into abstractions. Her primary tools, her imagination and “the actual earth as paint.” 

Laura Leigh Lanchantin
Most people likely cannot fathom what all that means. Luckily, Gallery 54, is providing the opportunity for anyone interested to discover the meaning in what Laura calls her “dreamscapes from the heart” beginning with the opening of her show, In The Open Dream, at the gallery Friday, July 7 from 5-8 pm.

Though Laura began making art as a child, influenced by the pastel landscapes of her mother, Lesley, and sculptures of her father Bill, a stone mason, it wasn't until about six years ago, while a student at SUNY New Paltz that she was inspired by the large-scale paintings he saw in the local art studios and switched her major from english to painting.

Laura at her art
The farming lifestyle that she grew up with along with her father's stone masonry work prompted her to research stone pigments and other natural pigments and dyes. “I was inspired by the act of making my own art materials,” she says, “and collaborating with the earth.”

Her dreamscapes from the heart focus on the primary patterns and shapes found in nature. They are inherently feminine and create a profound connection between body and land. The womb-like forms create raw, existential, and psychological language. “I do not wish to simply capture a natural scene with realism, but rather capture the raw energy and emotion of the land,” she says.

Some of the works she will be exhibiting at Gallery 54 are illustrations for an upcoming children's book being written by Salvatore Bevilacqua, a writer and good friend. The book, I Am the Painter of the Sky is a story about a young Native American girl who experiences a connection with nature and a magic tree that sprouts paintbrushes for branches and allows her to paint the sky. As a bonus, Laura will also present a stone pigment demonstration during the opening.

Stone pigments are a very rare medium in the modern world. Laura notes that she “applies her stone pigments to oil and charcoal” which makes them even more uncommon. Her
technique creates abstractions “from the very center of my psyche,” she says. “There is no censor between my emotions and the canvas.” The result is very primitive, intrinsic images that elicit unique reactions from each viewer.

Music from the electric harp of Chris Molloy, wine and light refreshments will be served. Gallery 54 is an upscale venue for Central New York artists that showcases and sells unique, inspired, and timeless art in a diversity of mediums. Gallery hours are Sunday through Thursday 10 am to 5 pm, Friday & Saturday 10 am to 6 pm.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

House calls aren't just for doctors any more

"We do house calls." Only a couple months ago no one would have thought to apply those four simple words to anything or any one at Gallery 54. That is until one day, when a couple visiting the gallery was having difficulty deciding whether or not one of the Tom Dwyer framed photographs displayed in the gallery would look as good in their homes. Tom had a way to find out and he offered to take the photo to their home so they could see it in the living room.

A new home for one of Tom's images, following a recent Gallery 54 house call.
Further conversation expanded his idea and before they left he was suggesting that he bring his laptop computer and projector so he could project images on the wall of their home. What better way to see which images would work best. It turned out the photograph they had seen worked better in a different room, but another really fit the bill for the living room.

The next month, when another couple was visiting the gallery it was almost an exact repeat situation and a few days later Tom was in another living room. Turns out, the saying "Seeing is Believing" really applies and house calls are just for doctors any more.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Silk Artist Headlines June's First Friday

Maureen Stathis can't actually recall when she began creating art, though as a shy, sensitive child she remembers being encouraged by her parents and teachers. Still, it wasn't until a dozen years ago that she “stumbled upon silk painting, the Serti technique in particular.”

Maureen Stathis
I was immediately addicted to its intensity of color and the diversity it made possible,” she said recently, upon accepting an invitation from Gallery 54 to be its guest artist for the month of June. The resident of nearby Marietta, NY describes her work as “organic, nature inspired themes using layers of vibrant color.”

Silk art
All of the work that Maureen will showcase at the gallery, beginning with an opening reception Friday, June 2 from 5 to 8 pm, will be original designs of hand painted pieces. She notes, “Each piece, by nature of the process is truly unique.” The work is a combination of experimentation and processes used by silk artists Jean-Baptiste and Susan Moyer.

Maureen finds the most rewarding part of creating silk art to also be its most frustrating. “Despite careful planning and design, ” she says, “the medium in unpredictable and often has a mind of its own.” A graduate of SUNY Oswego, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a MS in creative arts therapy from Nazareth College Maureen has also taken courses in surface pattern design at Onondaga Community College and Syracuse University.

She has recently cut back on her work as an art therapist to devote more time to pursuing her own art which includes watercolor art, acrylic painted furniture and wood items and being “newly obsessed” with mosaic art.

Maureen will be on hand to greet visitors to Gallery 54 from 5 to 8 pm June 2. Music, wine and light refreshments will be served.

Gallery 54 is an upscale venue for Central New York artists that showcases and sells unique, inspired, and timeless art in a diversity of mediums. Gallery hours are Sunday through Thursday 10 am to 5 pm, Friday & Saturday 10 am to 6 pm.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Peaceful Death Valley NP Showcased at Gallery 54

“I was literally and figuratively blown away during my recent visit to Death Valley National Park,” says Tom Dwyer, a Gallery 54 photography artist. “I traveled to the famous park in Southern California, and just north and west of Las Vegas, NV for a photography class being conducted by noted photography artist Guy Tal. I had little real interest in the park itself,” Dwyer notes, “until the 115 mile drive from Las Vegas to Stovepipe Wells Village in the park changed all that.”

Mosaic Canyon
He was blown away by the “park's grandeur, vastness, and peacefulness,” he says adding, “ I quickly felt challenged to try and capture as much of the 5,000 square mile park's character as I could in my brief visit.” Thus the name for Dwyer's show opening May 5 at Gallery 54, Peaceful Valley – one man's visit to Death Valley National Park.

Dwyer's photography has been part Gallery 54 for almost five years. “It's a misnomer,” he says, “to suggest that I've been self taught, despite the fact that I don't have any formal education in photography. But, in reality we are all taught by those who have gone before us as well as others who are running the same race we are.” He says he's been fortunate to be able to learn from classes and workshops conducted by top nature photographers including luminaries like Guy Tal, George Lepp, and Margo Pinkerton.
Mesquite Sand Dunes

I think we also have to recognize the impact of photographs we see in magazines, in galleries like Gallery 54, at art shows and in the work of fellow photographers on our own efforts,” he says.

Besides his photography, Dwyer is known for the photography workshops he leads, primarily in the Fingerlakes and Adirondack regions of New York. “We can't forget that as workshop leaders, we also benefit from each workshop we conduct because of our exposure to the work of students and the opportunity the workshops present for us to help others stretch in their photography . . . which often leads to learning opportunities for us as well,” he notes.
Ubehebe Crater

Dwyer's photography has been featured in venues as diverse as the Image City Photography Gallery in Rochester, NY; the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, NY; and galleries and stores through-out upstate New York.

The Death Valley images that Dwyer will exhibit will all be available for purchase as custom giclee´ prints as well as for custom framing.

Gallery 54 will open Peaceful Valley – one man's visit to Death Valley National Park from 5 to 8 pm on Friday, May 5. The special show will run through the end of May.

Toro RunWinery from Ovid, NY is scheduled to conduct wine tastings during the show opening and light refreshments will be served. Gallery 54 is an upscale venue for Central New York artists that showcases and sells unique, inspired, and timeless art in a diversity of mediums.