Sunday, February 5, 2017

Everything you could want in a rainbow

All I could think when Liz Micho showed me her new stained glass creation was, "everything you could want in a rainbow." The photo here doesn't really do it justice because of the gyrations I had to go through to photograph it without incorporating glare and reflections from the light flowing through Gallery 54's window as well as the overhead lights in the gallery.

Every color in this rainbow is waiting for your Valentine
At Gallery 54 we are often thinking of Liz's stained glass pieces as garden art because so much of it (not all, for sure) is designed and constructed specifically to add beauty and color to any garden. Certainly, this new piece will star in a garden if that's where someone wants to showcase it. But, her design will also garner a lot of compliments displayed in a picture window or maybe in your sunroom as well.

When we look at Liz's designs, they show off so well backlit in front of the gallery's window that overlooks Skaneateles Lake, we're able to focus our attention of her art and we just mentally block out the distractions that a camera records.

So, I guess you'll just have to come into the gallery and take a look for yourself. And, at the price she's put on it for February, I'm guessing you ought to come sooner rather than later. After all, the first one to claim it is going to be the one taking it home. Anyone want to make any bets whether stays in the Gallery until Valentine's Day?

Gallery 54 is open from 10 to 5 everyday except Tuesday, through-out February.

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