Friday, August 11, 2017

Emotive Faces and Form – Safran Photography

Large, bold images in color and form – using dancers, models and flowers - are featured as Syracuse studio photographer, Marc Safran, is center stage at Gallery 54 for the month of August. 

Those intrigued by modern dance and art will appreciate Safran's selections from his work with professional models, performers and floral subjects. Employing a variety of innovative techniques in the studio and in processing, Safran’s images work to bring out color and emotion in his various subjects. For the past decade Safran has been recruiting talent to his downtown studio from clientele including: actors at Syracuse Stage and Redhouse; dancers from Garth Fagan, Paul Taylor, Diavolo and FuturPointe; and many area modeling and fashion companies.

Marc had his first darkroom in New York City when he was only 14 years old. He says, “I've always been attracted to the visual” and this lead to a lifelong relationship with the arts and the Syracuse photographic community. His images have received multiple medals in graphics publications, been awarded prizes by Aer Lingus, are the cover for the current 2017 Peace Corps calendar, were posters for “Let’s Dance” International festival in England and have been featured in many local publications. His online portfolios are viewable at or marcsafranphotography (IG/FB).

It is notable that Safran also serves as an ophthalmologist in Liverpool, NY. “Ophthalmology and photography are both ultimately pursuits of the visual” says Safran. His interest in volunteering both his photographic talent and medical skills have lead him to volunteered for surgical eye missions in Bolivia, India, Ecuador and Vietnam. “The trips are gratifying,” he says, “allowing services to the unfortunate while experiencing a foreign culture.”

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